Upload FAILED – what to do?

Sometimes the upload process fails. When working in cloud-based services, there are a few things you can take into account and try to redo the process with more success. Here are the known failing reasons you might pump into and how to fix it.

  • “Failed to upload”
    • Did you open the site MAP before uploading? Open site map and refresh the page, to make sure you are signed in and have a fresh connection
    • Where is your data? If your data is e.g. in OneDrive sync folder and not locally on your computer, you may experience errors in the upload. Save the data file locally on your computer and upload again.



  • Point cloud upload is successful but nothing is on the map
    • Most commonly the EPSG coordinate system code is incorrect.
    • Check that you have the correct code: https://epsg.io/
    • If you used Pix4D for data processing, in most cases you don’t have to give the code manually in the “advanced” section. So if you added the code, try again without the code or wise versa.
    • The bigger the file (factors: format, point density and area of point cloud), the longer the processing time in the backend. About 1GB (las) will be processed in 15-25 minutes. If your moderate size data set is not on the map in an hour, contact support@pointscene.com


  • I cannot find the “upload” button
    • Only Editors and Owners of a Site (and Organization) have access to upload data. Ask your Site Owner or support@pointscene.com for the role: Editor.
    • Uploading is site-specific and is found the Options -tab (or 3 dots (…) in the top right corner in the map view)


  • I accidentally uploaded the wrong data or a duplicate, how can I delete the dataset?
    • Ortho photos, point clouds, surfaces, photos, and note attachments can be deleted in the Site.
      • Ortho photos and point clouds:
      • Note attachments: