Point cloud integration to Trimble Connect (Web & Desktop)

  1. Once the point cloud is uploaded into the Site, go to Publish data and turn on the point cloud layer link. Copy the link (CTRL + C)

Desktop edition:

2. Open Trimble Connect (Desktop edition)

3. Open project and open point cloud tab


4. And choose add URL

5. Provide the copied URL in the box and give a name for the point cloud.

6. Now you can see your point cloud as one layer in the viewer


Web edition:

2. Create a new text file on your computer. Open the text file in text editor, and Copy-paste the URL to the file. Save the text file.

3. Change the file type by saving the file as .purl

4. Upload the file to your Connect Project

5. Open 3D viewer (do not select point cloud to be viewed yet!)

6. Choose all data and find your point cloud data. Turn view on.