How to add WMS / WMTS to AutoCAD Map 3D (2018-2021)

  1. Open your Site
  2. Go to Publish & manage data
  3. Copy a share link or create a new group share link by selected wanted layers
  4. Select WMTS or WMS link. Note that a new WMS link will take up to 15 min to update, so we recommend WMTS.

    Pointscene supports custom coordinate systems for WMS and the default is EPSG:3857. If your local projection is not supported, please contact and we’ll fix it!

  5. Open AutoCAD Map 3D
  6. Open Data Connections
  7. Selected Add WMS Connection
  8. If it asks for credentials, just click Log in without any user name or password
  9. Provide the link and select the layers you need