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From full end-to-end data management solutions to specific solutions we’ve served the biggest Nordic construction companies.

Biggest bridge in Finland: The Crown Bridges Consortium

The Crown Bridges Light Rail project (Kruunusillat) in Helsinki aims to improve transportation and create new connections with the innovative use of technologies such as drone mapping and 3D modeling - while the cloud-based platform Pointscene streamlines communication and collaboration among stakeholders. The Crown Bridges Consortium formed by Kreate and YIT Finland Ltd is utilizing Pointscene in the project while building the biggest bridge in Finland.

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Terrafame Mine – E. Hartikainen Oy

E.Hartikainen at Terrafame Mine has harnessed the power of real-time data access, improving communication, and streamlined remote instructions to achieve remarkable results.

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Mt 180 Kirjalansalmi’s and Hessundinsalmi’s bridge renewels

Kreate's use of Pointscene and other platforms is essential to the success of this project, as it allows them to manage drone data efficiently and effectively, leading to improved decision-making and better results.

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E6 Arnkvern-Moel, Norway – Veidekke

Norwegian construction and civil engineering company Veidekke build a new section of the E6 Norway, the main North-South route throughout Norway and the West Coast of Sweden.

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Lauttasaari bridge: keeps citizens aware of changes

Lauttasaari bridge is on a popular biking route in Helsinki. Communication between the construction site to citizens is crucial when working in main paths to the city centre. The city of Helsinki has goals for reducing the disbenefits caused by road work and has noted that communication is one of the biggest reducing factors.

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Important announcement: ARKANCE has acquired Pointscene!