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There are always surprises in construction projects and plans change. These changes cause delays and reduced build quality.

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There will always be surprises during construction


Plans and designs require frequent updates due to unexpected field conditions. Building based on inaccurate plans results in wasting time, resources and causes delays. Changes in plans and designs take time and in the worst case can cause delays on the whole worksite.


Your worksite should be progressing and not stumbling upon plan and design changes. Make sure your plans and designs are up-to-date. Build with confidence and high quality with the help of Pointscene.

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Pointscene is a cloud toolkit for construction professionals


Pointscene will save you time in plan and design changes while maintaining confidence and high quality. Pointscene helps to manage your plans, designs and ortho photos in an easy-to-use browser app. Pointscene enables sharing plans, designs and ortho photos and integrates directly to various construction software. Easily validate design changes and build with confidence.


Industry-leading data sharing

Share your orthophotos & point clouds in seconds

  • Data connectors to most commonly used software:
    • Autodesk® Civil 3D®
    • Trimble Connect
    • Infrakit
    • And many more!

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Easy-to-use tools

Take the most out of your orthophotos, point clouds, and designs in a browser:

  • Calculate quantities, volumes, and height differences
  • Compare plans & designs to the actual site conditions
  • Supervise and document the work progress

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Why Pointscene?

Better quality and executable designs for the worksite.

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