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Pointscene Web is a tool for construction, BIM and survey professionals.

Take advantage of ortho photos, point clouds and design files. Calculate quantities and volumes and cut unnecessary waiting time.

Get better quality design changes faster with Pointscene.

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Easy-to-use tools


  • Distance and area
  • Quantity and volume
  • Cross-section from surface models

Use for:

  • Follow earthworks quantities
  • Check height differences of two surfaces
  • Calculate digging and blasting volumes
  • Check space requirements for cranes or concrete trucks

3D measure and viewer

  • View LandXML and IFC models with point clouds
  • View point clouds with tablet or mobile phone
  • Measure areas, distances, heights and coordinates for points
  • Adjust coloring with height values

Use for:

  • Check heights or coordinates for various points
  • Compare surface models with point clouds
  • View and share the up-to-date views of your worksite
  • Follow earthworks quantities


  • Organize project data by file type or date
  • Compare two ortho photos with slider
  • Attach design files on top of ortho photos

Use for:

  • Check the progress in the timeline
  • Follow and document the progress
  • Compare designs to the current worksite environment


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Plans and pricing

Demo will be held by our Pointscene professionals:

Jeremia Hokkanen

Technical Account Manager
+358 40 579 9699

Reeta Helinoja

Customer Experience Lead
+358 400 617 472

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Alvar is working as a worksite foreman in various infrastructure projects. After starting to use Pointscene he won’t start any new projects without it. Read why!


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