Point cloud visualization options

The right side pane in the point cloud view can be used to change the appearance

  • Colours:
    • RGB (normal colours, like a photo)
    • Elevation (you can determine the range for elevation colours by clicking on the map at certain Z-values)
    • Intensity (depending on data)
    • Classification (depending on data)
  • Edge effect (makes edges pop out)
  • Adaptive points (the more sparse points the bigger points)
  • Point size (adjust all point sizes)

ย  RGB, default.

ย  Edge effect, add contrast to all edges

ย  Point size, you may change the point size


Setting the Elevation range

1. Choose elevation, click SET,ย move onto the map

2. Click the first value on the map, z-value is shown on the bottom of the map.

3. Click the second value for the colouring by moving the mouse to a higher place.


Tip: position your point cloud close enough, that you recognize the area and height differences. You can always set the elevation colouring again and again!