How to add WMS to Microstation

Pointscene supports custom coordinate systems for WMS and the default is EPSG:3857. If your local projection is not supported, please contact and we’ll fix it!

  1. Copy WMS link from Pointscene (Site Options, Publish data)
  2. In Microstation, make sure you have the correct coordinate system selected for your model
  3. In Microstation (V8I–>) open the Raster Reference dialog
  4. From the Raster Reference dialog select the drop-down arrow for a new connection and select WMS…. The WMS Map Editor dialog will appear.
  5. From the WMS Map Editor dialog the Servers button. The Servers Manager dialog will appear
  6. Click on the add Server and copy-paste the link you copied from Pointscene and click OK
  7. In the Available Layers window selected one or multiple layers you want to add to the map and click Add to map
  8. Click Save and Attach.. and give it a name (name.xwms)
  9. Control your layers in the Raster Manager window. Right-click the name.xwms file and select Layers
  10. Set the coordinate system by again right-clicking and selection Coordinate System –> Select from Library..
  11. Now your WMS layers should be align within your map and other data.