Point Cloud Upload

Make sure you know your data before uploading it. Point cloud upload has no preview of the data location before upload. Thus you need to be sure about the EPSG code before uploading. Data must be in a projected coordinate system (e.g. WGS84 is not fine). Check the code here: epsg.io

One of the most common EPSG codes is 3857, Web Mercator that is a worldwide projected coordinate system. This is also the only suitable EPSG for Infrakit integration.


  1. If you are in the Site, you can find Site options in from the right-side panel
  2. If you are in the Sites -list, you can find Site options with the Options button on the row.
  3. Choose Upload point clouds from the site options
  4. Select point cloud files (one or multiple in the same area, will be merged together)
  5. Enter capture date, name of the point cloud
  6. In the Advanced tab, choose correct EPSG code. Code numbers are listed at epsg.io.
    1. Optional: if your data uses a local shift, set project origin into the coordinate system. Otherwise leave default(0,0,0)
  7. Click Next, then Upload
  8. Keep the browser tab open until the upload is complete.


You will get an email once the processing is finished or an error has occurred. Support will contact you if failure happens.