360 Panorama Photos Upload

Pointscene supports georeferenced 360 photos.

360 panorama photos can be taken for example with Trimble MX7 or 360 cameras that collect location and calibration information (x,y,z and roll, pitch, heading).

If the pictures are taken under 30 seconds apart, we assume that the pictures are part of a street view collection and are represented as a line on the map.

If the pictures are taken over 30 seconds apart, they are considered to be single 360 images and are represented as a point on the map.


Upload Photos:

  1. Go to Sites and select Options
  2. Click on Upload Photos
  3. Click on Select photos (or Drag and drop)
  4. Check box for metadata click NEXT
  5. Add CSV file for metadata
  6. Link CSV column names to the required sections (click to see the image larger!)
  7. Make sure photos are found in the right place in the map preview and click UPLOAD.
  8. Open Site and expore the panorama view. How to navigate the panorama photos is explained here.