Invite Others to Share Your Sites

You need to be an Owner or Editor, to be able to add new members to the site!

  1. From Dashboard, select Sites and then click Options
    1. If you are in the Site map view, click the three dots on the right
  2. Click on Users and access
  3. Inherit users from the organization
    1. Set Site Access to Organization (name)
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  4. Invite individual users
    1. Set Site Access to Site
    2. Enter the user’s email or emails. You can add multiple email addresses at once by using [,] or [;] or [space] to seperate email addresses.
    3. Assign them a role: viewer, editor or owner. Viewer can only view the sites data, editor can edit and upload data and owner can edit and remove the whole site.

Note! You can remove users by clicking the x: