Using Data Layers in the Site




You can find photos by the numbers on the map (they are clusters of raw photos) and by the camera icon.

Open the raw photos by zooming in to the desired area and clicking on the camera icon.


Maps & Drawings can be any raster dataset, e.g. a DWG file that is converted to GeoTIFF. So this category is for all the extra data needed in the site map.

  • Maps & drawings can be created by Editors/Owners by uploading a raster and selecting the data type as “Other map”. This will add the data set as a semi transparent layer on top of all other layers. See Raster Upload for more details.
  • Maps & drawings will not be published in the WMTS / WMS / TMS / XYZ list! This data is available only in Pointscene map.


WMS layers are view-only layers. Owners can add them to the site.


Ortho photos can be added by an Editor or Owner using “Add raster”. See Editor instructions about Raster upload.