Using Data Layers in the Site

Pointscene groups data by either Date or Type. For the Date selection you can open the Advanced filters and set any date range that you prefer to rule in or out different data sets.

Date view

In Date view all of the files are sorted by their user given dates. Ungrouped folder includes any raster dataset, e.g. a DWG file that is converted to GeoTIFF. Added WMS layers are also in this folder. Notes, photos & assets includes notes, photos, 360 images and assets such as traffic signs.

Type view

In Type view the data is sorted by the type of data in to folders. Folders are based on your data, so you will only see folders of data types in your site. Some data types are view only and can not be shared.

Points layers can be added to the site by Owners and Editors using Upload point clouds page.

Orthos can be added by an Editor or Owner using Upload raster page.

Surfaces can be added by an Editor or Owner using Upload raster page.

LandXML layers are used only for volume calculations and are not visualized in 2D view. Site Owners and Editors can upload LandXML surfaces.

Drawings can be created from DWG, DFX and DGN files by upload via the Upload file page. They can be also shared as WMS.

Maps can be created by Editors and Owners by uploading a raster and selecting the data type as “Other map”. This will add the data set as a semi transparent layer on top of all other layers. Map layers are view-only and can be shared as WMS. See Raster Upload for more details.

360 are groups of panoramic images. One upload is one group of photos. The user can decide the name and date for the group.

Notes, photos & assets includes notesphotos,and assets such as traffic signs. These layers can be turned on/off for all of the data type at once, instead of singular files.