Adding WMS Data Layers to Map View

  1. If you are in Site map view, click on right side bar (Options) and choose Add external layers
  2. In Layers you can add WMS layers
  3. The requirements for the WMS are:

Once you have successfully added a WMS URL, the layer selection tab will open:

Select needed layers to one group layer


NOTE: all layers selected at the same time will be in the same group layer in the Site map!

IF you need to turn the layers on and off separately, add the layers one by one, by entering URL again and selecting the layers.

The layer order default is where the first added layer will the topmost layer and second layer under the first and so on. Users can change the order for each session separately. 


You can rename the layer once it is added and the changes are saved immediately

You can view the layers in the map view by clicking the X-sign on the top left. (Refresh the page if the layer is not visible.)

WMS layers don’t have dates, so they are in Ungrouped or when sorting in Type under WMS


Note! Not all data providers offer their WMS in the right format. Please contact if you have problems with WMS.