Automated ortho compilation and multiple supported EPSG (automation license)

Get automated ortho compilation – Site level access

This feature is part of our automation package, that is not included in the basic license. Click “Request Activation” for more information or contact

One WMTS link contains:

  • Individual layers separately: Each orthophoto as its own layer, select by layer name (use to use, as it is only 1 link and multiple layers)
  • Compilation layer: All site orthophotos shown as a joint layer, with the newest as the topmost layer
  • Composite layer: Same as compilation layer, but each orthophoto has a color and date to separate when the photos where taken

TMS and XYZ links contain only either the compilation or composite layer. Individuals can be found with the instruction above.

How to access link?

  1. Go to Sites, select your site
  2. Open Options and select Publish data
  3. Choose Request Activation if not already activated
  4. Turn Site level access on and off from the switch

5. Choose WMTS, TMS or XYZ

    1. WMTS has all individual and compilation layers as options to choose from
    2. TMS and XYZ are only links to the compilation layers. Use the individual publish links for individual usage. (instructions above)

6. Copy-paste to another software

    1. Any updates will be automatically updated to our choice of software without any actions. Sometimes cache settings might prevent some layers to be unseen. Clear cache if necessary or add the link again to reset settings.

7. Access all your data at once!

    1. Improved experience e.g. in Infrakit with all areas seen at once!

The access link is done to all orthophotos in your site and will be seen the same way as in Pointscene Next interface: the newest layer as the topmost layer.

WMS web map service support

Pointscene now publishes WMS web services including all of your site’s orthophotos that have sharing set on. The automation package activates the support for multiple map projections / EPSG codes.


Go to Publish data


Turn “Share on” for the layers to want to share. Select WMS button and copy the link. Now you can add the link to any Map / GIS software supporting standard WMS web services.

The shared link will provide WMS access to ALL the datasets that have the “Share on” option selected. It doesn’t matter which layer link you use.

Note! All changes in sharing settings might take up to 15 minutes to be activated. If the link doesn’t work, try again in 15 minutes.

Supported EPSG codes for WMS (requires the “automation license” activation):

“EPSG:3857”, “EPSG:3067”, “EPSG:3873”, “EPSG:3874”, “EPSG:3875”, “EPSG:3876”, “EPSG:3877”, “EPSG:3878”, “EPSG:3879”, “EPSG:3880”, “EPSG:3881”, “EPSG:3882”, “EPSG:3883”, “EPSG:3885”, “EPSG:3885”, “EPSG:5972”, “EPSG:5973”, “EPSG:5974”, “EPSG:5975”, “EPSG:3006”, “EPSG:5846”, “EPSG:5847”, “EPSG:5848”, “EPSG:5849”, “EPSG:5850”, “EPSG:5851”, “EPSG:5852”, “EPSG:5853”, “EPSG:5854”, “EPSG:5855”, “EPSG:5856”, “EPSG:5857”, “EPSG:5110”, “EPSG:5109”, “EPSG:3044”


If the list is missing a code, we can add it for you, contact