Cross-section tool – Clip in 3D

Just one click and you have a cross-section view in 2D and 3D!

Here is how:

  1. Open your site
  2. Select the layers you wish to see in 3D
  3. Open by clicking the “Open in 3D” button in the left menu
4. Select Clip tool
5. Hover over a breakline, a preview of the 3D cross-section should be visible once the line turns white
6. Click on the breakline to fix the point
7. 2D window will appear under the 3D view
  • You can change the viewing point by moving the clip tool in 3D or using the arrows (right-left) on the split-screen view
  • Change the step internal with the dropdown menu
  • Change the zoom level with + / – buttons. You can see the range from the 3D orange box width. Height is not to scale.

Combine tools:

  • Measuring distance and slope for the 2D view
  • Export cross section 2D view in DXF

DXF export, image export and measuring tools with the Clip tool: