Sharing Ortho Photos (WMS, WMTS, TMS, XYZ)

Open data access as WMS, WMTS, TMS, XYZ

You can access data by individual layers, groups or automated most recent layer setting

Individual layers:

  1. Open site options (right sidebar or options in the site list)
  2. Go to Publish and manage data

3. Select which layers to publish, one or more. If you want you can select your default application (Infrakit / Trimble Connect) from the top right corner. This selection will create the share-links in the right format for the convenience of the user.

TIP! You can filter by name using the search bar!

TIP! You can expand the layer window from the upper right toggle

TIP! You can edit and delete layers from Pointscene here too. Changes will apply everywhere (link and map).

4. Click PUBLISH SHARE LINK and copy the link you need (WMTS, WMS, TMS, XYZ) (Copy/Paste from link text)

5. Add this link in other software, such as Infrakit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Gemini, InfraWorks, Microstation, QGIS and ArcGIS Online (All integration on our Connect and Control page)


WMS Capabilities – Local projection support!

Note! All changes in sharing settings might take up to 15 minutes to be activated when using WMS. If the link doesn’t work, try again in 15 minutes.

Support for multiple coordinate systems is included in only WMS links. So if you need to have the orthos in our local projection use the WMS!


Supported EPSG codes for WMS:

“EPSG:3857”, “EPSG:2056”, “EPSG:3044”, “EPSG:3067”, “EPSG:3873”, “EPSG:3874”, “EPSG:3875”, “EPSG:3876”, “EPSG:3877”, “EPSG:3878”, “EPSG:3879”, “EPSG:3880”, “EPSG:3881”, “EPSG:3882”, “EPSG:3883”, “EPSG:3885”, “EPSG:3885”, “EPSG:5972”, “EPSG:5973”, “EPSG:5974”, “EPSG:5975”, “EPSG:3006”, “EPSG:5846”, “EPSG:5847”, “EPSG:5848”, “EPSG:5849”, “EPSG:5850”, “EPSG:5851”, “EPSG:5852”, “EPSG:5853”, “EPSG:5854”, “EPSG:5855”, “EPSG:5856”, “EPSG:5857”, “EPSG:5110”, “EPSG:5109”