Use reality data to validate design changes

React to unexpected changes with confidence, as you always have access to the newest data. Easily share and demonstrate the designs, progress and status to stakeholders and the public.

Pointscene gaps the gap between worksite and office by combining point clouds with models and ortho photos with design drawings.

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We definitely spend less time on field visits and also make more confident decisions daily. Each of us saves at least a few hours every week. Olli Sihvola, Site Manager

Work with tools you already master

With integrations for AutoCAD, Civil3D, Trimble Connect, Infrakit and more, you can be confident that your team always has access to the most relevant data available without adding another phase to the workflow. Pointscene raises your field-to-office communications to the next level. Use reality data to validate design changes with tools you already master.

We can deliver the aerial information for our construction team several days faster than before and with super high resolution. Anders Hoel Nielsen, Survey Engineer

Take your worksite with you wherever you go

Pointscene online platform is always accessible with any device that has an internet connection. Stay on track of site progress and validate design changes with drone maps and laser scanning data – whether it’s on desktop, tablet or mobile – without having to visit the field as often. This means time and money saved.

Pointscene enables us to provide up-to-date imagery to the planners and builders in a much more efficient manner than before. Antti Heikkinen, Survey Manager

Avoid costly rework

Through intelligent data, Pointscene gives you the information needed to predict and make decisions in the face of changing circumstances.

Although surprises will always happen, you will be able to handle them more efficiently by having more relevant information at hand. Use reality data to validate design changes, that you get instantly when the newest data is available.

We are more confident in our decision- making because of updated situational awareness. Tomi Mäkelä, Survey Manager

Stay on track with intelligent data

Start utilizing your worksite data and make your worksite more efficient, saving you time and money.

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