Terrafame Mine – E. Hartikainen Oy

E.Hartikainen at Terrafame Mine has harnessed the power of real-time data access, improving communication, and streamlined remote instructions to achieve remarkable results.

Site foremen can now give instructions remotely, saving us trips on-site. Jesse Keronen, Surveying foreman

About the Terrafame Mine

Terrafame Mine is an open pit mine. A Finnish construction contractor, E. Hartikainen Oy, has various types of contracts at the mine, including a mining service contract involving pit hauling and excavation activities. The company has integrated Pointscene into its construction processes to enhance operational efficiency and information flow.


  1. Provide drone and model data access for foremen and project managers.
  2. Improve communication between foremen and teams, as well as between shifts.
  3. Enable remote instructions and provide real-time guidance.
  4. Enhance overall productivity and operational effectiveness.

Results Achieved

Enhanced Efficiency: Pointscene’s easy data availability significantly increased operational efficiency. Real-time data access makes informed decision-making easier, reducing delays.

Improved Communication: Pointscene’s communication features improved collaboration and information sharing. Data and map note access enhances project coordination and eliminates communication gaps.

Remote Instructions: Pointscene’s map notes reduces the need for on-site presence. This feature improves efficiency and saves time and effort.

Picture from Pointscene training session 13-01-2023, Terrafame Mine

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