Pahkakoski Wind Farm – Finland

About the Project

KSBR is constructing the infrastructure for the Ilmatar’s 30-wind turbine park in Pahkakoski, increasing the sustainable energy production in Finland. The Pahkakoski Wind Farm will have a production capacity of approximately 600 gigawatt-hours annually. Pahkakoski will be a significant addition to Finland’s wind power capacity. This wind farm will be one of the first large-scale sites in Europe to be built with TCI-operating model.

Project Statistics

  • Located in Pahkakoski, Finland
  • 30 Wind Turbines
  • 186-megawatt onshore wind farm
  • Transport, Crane and Installation (TCI) -contracting model by Ilmatar
  • Producing 600 gigawatt-hours annually
  • Construction by KSBR from the end of 2023 to September 2024
  • Commercial operations starting the summer of 2025


The primary goal is to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of wind farm construction and maintenance with supporting digital tools.


Pointscene has provided KSBR with tools to significantly improve plan updates and communication. Sharing a picture or a 3D model with reality capture data increases the efficiency of communication and prevents costly mistakes from happening.

The Project Engineer Senja Poutiainen has found that drone data has provided new ways of working. For example, digitally calculating the area of tree removals using orthophotos before and after removal. The overall situational awareness has improved as many project members, including Senja Poutiainen, work off-site and can still track progress with Pointscene.

Senja Poutiainen, Project Engineer, KSBR (Photo by Daniel Torsell)

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