Upload any file (BETA)

Pointscene supports the following file formats for automatic processing:

  • Raster files: TIF + TFW, JP2/JPG + JGW, PNG + PGW
  • Point clouds: las, laz, E57
  • Images: jpg, jpeg, jfif, pjpeg & pjp
  • LandXML files: surfaces only, alignments and profiles are NOT supported at the moment, max 50MB
  • IFC models, version 2×3, max 50MB

Other files can be uploaded, but they will not be automatically processed. Other file types will be sent to our support team for further analysis and manual upload if possible.

Other file types that can be processed manually by our support team:

  • PDF files that have known coordinates or are georeferenced
  • DWG and DXF design files. They will be converted into GeoTIFF for upload.
  • Esri Shapefiles (.shp), GeoPackage (.pgkg) & GeoJSON files will be converted into GeoTIFF for upload.

How to upload any file

If you have a raster, point cloud, or image, please use their own upload pages.

  1. If you have any other files (including LandXML & IFC), go to OPTIONS and Upload files
  2. Drag and drop or select the files you wish to upload
  3. Select file type and date and provide an EPSG code for the dataset
  4. Click UPLOAD
  5. Wait until the file is uploaded. You will receive an email once your data is available.
  6. If you uploaded a file that is not automatically processed (anything else than LandXML & IFC) our Support team will contact you once the file is ready.
    1. You can always provide more info or ask anything from us at support@pointscene.com

Once your data is processed you can start using it for 3D viewing and calculations: