Photogrammetric processing online

Pointscene offers the possibility to create orthophotos and surface models directly from drone photos entirely online. You can drag&drop the drone photos in and let Pointscene Web do the processing for you.

Purchase a photo package. The photos can be used on any project. The photo packages are for individual use, not for everyone on the project.

  • Open you site
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Click on Create Drone Maps
  • Drag&Drop your photos (typically 500 photos takes about 2-3 hours)
  • Provide the capture date
  • Select an EPSG code
  • Type in a name for the final data sets
  • Select a global height correction or give a manual value
  • Click on NEXT and UPLOAD
  • Once the processing is ready (typically 2-3 hours for 500 photos) you will get an email notification