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Release notes 23.11.2020

Minor updates and bug fixes

We updated how Maps&Drawings layer can managed and fixed some bugs improving raster uploading, photo parsing, and external WMS handling.


Maps & drawings can be created by Editors/Owners by uploading a raster and selecting the data type as “Other map”. This will add the data set as a semi-transparent layer on top of all other layers. See Raster Upload for more details.

Maps & Drawings now don’t have any date restriction, and users can now edit the name of the layer and delete it.


Other fixes

  • Include photo extents to initial map extend calculations
  • Fixes to photo parsing
  • Add warning when uploading raster without world file when header is not read
  • Check type and name of raster and world file
  • Remove note’s video recording option
  • Update XML parser used to parse external WMS GetCapabilities response