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Release Notes 22.12.2023

Improved support for DWG, DXF and DGN!

We have made a new release with improved support or DWG, DXF and added a new format DGN! Now all drawings with a metric coordinate system will be online in just minutes!

What we heard

Our previous support for DWG/DXF required manual intervention, which created delays of getting the data online. You find it valuable to be able to combine 2D drawings with orthophotos. Having all drawings visible automatically when opening Pointscene has also been a handfull, that needed to be tackaled.

What we did

We created an automatic process to get design drawings online. They still are in a raster format, so no snapping or clicking is possbile.

  • Automatic processing for 2D & 3D CAD drawings in DWG, DXF and DGN that are in a metric coordinate system. We recommend having 3D values included, as we will be supporting the drawings in 3D in the future. 3D objects are not supported.
  • Created share links for drawings. Share your drawings as WMS, WMTS, XYZ,..
  • Added one extra zoom level. Now you can zoom one step closer.

How does it work

Start by uploading your drawings with the UPLOAD FILES -page. You will get an email when it is ready within minutes. The feature is considered to be in BETA, so some files might fail to process. We will be looking into the files to fix them as soon as possible.

Find your layer under a date or by filtering layers by type, found under DRAWINGS. Turn on the layer.

You can also share the layer as WMS from the PUBLISH & MANAGE PAGE: