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Release Notes 13.11.2023

We have updated how surfaces are visualized and used in Pointscene. Now they are more shareable and faster than ever before!

What we heard

Our elevation coloring for surfaces (GeoTIFF DSM / DTM) was good and needed, but was too slow and couldn’t be shared. Sometimes you need to see the height differences and orthos at the same time.

What we did

Surface updates

  • Surfaces are visualized faster
  • Surfaces can be visualized by elevation coloring or contour lines
  • Surfaces color and contour level can be adjusted (min-max Z)
  • Selected surface min-max values can be applied for all layers for comparison
  • Surfaces can be shared as WMTS, WMS, TMS, XYZ
  • User settings are shared in the share links (e.g. set min-max = 0-10 m)

Other updates

  • All sites open faster
  • Profile tool shows top profile even if there’s no data from bottom surface
  • Volume tool keeps drawn boundary even if there’s no data from bottom surface
Elevation colors
Contour lines

How it works

Please update your previous surface using the UPDATE button. After the new layer appears (1-10min), you can delete the old one.

Once the layer is updated (1-10min) you will get an email.

Please upload new surfaces via Upload file page.

Use the same upload page as for IFC, LandXML uploads.

Adjust visualizing settings from the OPTIONS button inside the layer.

You can adjust the visualization type and min and max values.

Create share links from Publish & Manage page

You can share surfaces with your settings as WMTS, WMS, TMS, XYZ.
Example of how to use the share links in QGIS with orthos, maps, contour lines, and elevation colors.

Read detailed instructions:

Get access to our free demo site to test the new features in action: