Bring all the worksite data in one place

With Pointscene online platform you will always have the current situation at your fingertips. Keep your site images and documentation organised and easily accessible at all times.

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Easily store, manage and share your data

Import your worksite data such as laser scans, drone mapping, 360° imagery and more to Pointscene. Adjust your daily plans and designs according to actual worksite progress.

Easily access, manage and share your data between stakeholders and integrate it to end solutions used in your project.

Supported data:

Drone data

Orthophotos, point clouds, surface models and images

Point clouds

las, laz, E57

Laser scans

las, laz, E57, 360° imagery

Ortho photos


Surface models & DEMs

GeoTIFF (.tif)

360° photo and video

Images from e.g. Trimble MX7 and Ladybug cameras, video attachments

Take control of your data

Pointscene brings all your data to one place and makes it effortless to manage by making it easy to view, rename, organize and archive. No more clicking through tens of folders to get to a file!


Filter by type, project, date and user

Track progression

Archive by capture dates

Share with links and download

Keep your data safe and secure

All data is stored securely at Google Cloud Platform. Only people with access can view and handle your data.

Cyber secure cloud storage

Accessible with any device

Assign access according to role

Share and define access to stakeholders

Invite colleagues and stakeholders for direct access to up-to-date ortho maps and volume calculations. Grant different kinds of access depending on whether it is for a developer, designer, analyst or project manager.



– Find the needed information on the map
– Observe changing circumstances
– Do weekly or monthly check-ins


– Deliver data (drone, laser scans…)
– Read and leave comments
– Weekly check-ins


– Responsible for data accessibility
– Grant access to data
– Distribute access and roles to stakeholders

Read more about the roles in our instructions

Other features


Save time and money by reacting to changing circumstances

Measure your worksite


Safely store your data and integrate to your workflow

Integrate and store your data

Take control of your data

Start utilizing your worksite data and make your worksite more efficient, saving you time and money.

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