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Release Notes 30.6.2022

We’re happy to announce that we support LandXML files (BETA)! This will be one of many new features we have planned to develop in the near future. Stay tuned for more! We also love to hear what functionalities you are looking for, so please share any feedback or ideas you have!

What we heard:

You have told us, that you like our volume tool for surface comparison. But it has been lacking support for design layers, which are needed in most situations.

You also would like to share your data easily with others, but only the selected layers. Big projects with tens or even hundreds of layers are too much for most users.

What we did:

We added LandXML (.xml) support so that you can see the layers in 2D and 3D. In addition, you can use the LandXML to measure volumes together with DSM or DTM GeoTIFF files. So now you can compare design surfaces with as-built surfaces.

We also added a new sharing feature for 3D layers. You can now select one or more point clouds and LandXML layers to create a share link that works without signing in. Now you can share easy-to-use 3D layers with anyone you choose!

How it works:

All new features are considered to be in BETA, so we are eager to hear any feedback you can give!

Give feedback

You can use LandXMLs by uploading your dataset via the “Upload files (BETA)” page. We have opened the upload for any file type, but only LandXML will be automatically processed to the map viewer. Other files will be sent to our Pointscene support to handle.

Our 3D viewer is new but is very similar to our previous viewer. We have added new tools e.g. plane clipper and measurement exports.

Check out our new 3D viewer! It works directly with the link created in Pointscene. Anyone with the link can view the data. The link will expire in 7 days.

3D viewer

Thank you Destia for letting us use your data from “VT3 Hämeenkyrönväylä” in our demo! Learn more about the construction site.

You can find more detailed instructions here:

LandXML upload instructions

Are you ready to combine your LandXMLs and point clouds in the same view?

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