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Reeta Helinoja will be on maternity leave starting from the 19th of July

Our Customer Experience Lead Reeta Helinoja will be starting her maternity leave on the 19th of July 2021.  She will be back at work during the spring of 2022. We are excited for Reeta for this new chapter in her life and will welcome her back once she is ready.

During her absence, our Technical Account Manager Jeremia Hokkanen will be covering her work. Jeremia has been working for Pointscene since the beginning of June 2021 (permanently, not only as a substitute). He has already proven himself worthy for the job during his onboarding period with Reeta. Read more about Jeremia’s background.

Contact Jeremia when you need:

  • Pointscene user guidance and training
  • To create a new site for existing customers
  • Drawings and plans (DXF, DWG,..) imported to Pointscene
  • Pointscene user feedback and development idea

Contact Info:
Jeremia Hokkanen
+358 405 799 699

Reeta (left) will be enjoying her time at home with her newborn and Jeremia (right) will be taking over her work in the meanwhile.