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Pointscene Web plans

100% satisfaction guarantee, free cancellation during the first 30 days.

For personal use or small teams:

Lite License

1 user

e.g. for field surveyors, designers or other small teams

Price 79 €/month

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Get Pointscene Web with multiple projects with basic functions:

  • 2D/3D CAD drawing and BIM model support*
  • Drone & laser scan data support
    • Ortho photos, surface models**
    • Point clouds***
  • Geotagged photos, incl. 360°
  • Measuring tools
  • Volume and profile tool
  • Compare tool
  • Notes tool
  • Shareable 3D field view links (no login required, links expire in 7 days)
  • 200 GB storage
  • Email support

Additional users +79 €/user/month (incl. +50GB storage)
Additional storage +50 €/50GB/month.

*** LAS, LAZ, E57

Most popular:

Project License

Starting from 5 named users

Add users to the project as needed including external stakeholders

Starting from 399 €/month*

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Get all features of Lite License for one project and:

  • Data Connectors** for Trimble Connect, Infrakit, Volue Gemini, various CAD, GIS & BIM software
  • Scalable storage defined by project (starting from 500GB)
  • Priority support for data processing
  • Named support agent
  • Shareable 3D field view links (no login required, permanent links)






* Scalable pricing based on users amounts.
** Open standard links for easy sharing for example WMS/WMTS, Tilemaps, Potree, 3DTiles.

For multiple projects:

Enterprise License

Unlimited users and projects

Tailor-made, scalable solution for all your projects

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Secure the most flexible usage with all benefits and full support.

  • Easy and quick setup for new projects
  • Premium support and customer care
  • Custom data processing workflows
  • Enterprise cloud platform integrations
  • Flexible data storage options
  • API access for custom integrations
  • Free archiving for old projects while others are ongoing











Other Pointscene Plans

For software developers:

Pointscene API


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  • Endless opportunities on how to integrate and manage your data with our API.
  • Create custom solutions for real-life applications based on intelligent data.

For urban projects:



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  • Fully customizable interactive maps
  • Default map themes for traffic arrangements, worksite layout planning and circular economy sites.

Turnkey solution:

Expert Services

Hourly rates,
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  • World-class domain expertise
  • Assistance with drone data operations
  • 3D data processing and management
  • Process and software development