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Pointscene Guitar Workshop

Pointscenes Lauri and Jeremia have been busy during the last few months in their guitar building projects. Since Jeremia joined our team in the summer of 2021 he began to tell stories about his luthier hobby and before Christmas 2021 he finished his fourth guitar. After one year of following Jeremias endeavors, Lauri (who’s also guitar player himself, as is Jeremia) also took up the fun challenge to build himself a guitar.

“This is a great way to get out of the regular working mode where we use computers for the most of day” says Jeremia, Pointscenes Senior Luthier. “The feeling when you string the guitar and plug it in and start to rock is awesome! It is a proud feeling that you’ve done something with your own hands, even when using power tools to help.” Jeremia says that the favorite part of the building process is carving the neck. Transforming a block of wood into something that fits your hand perfectly requires a lot of sanding and feeling the wood just by hand, a skill that requires a time to master.

Building a guitar is like putting together a puzzle, where each piece must fit perfectly to create something that looks good, works as it should, and sounds great. “I hope, that this will eventually be the case with my guitar project too! Even though a lot of hours have been put into it, there’s still a lot to do and many mistakes to avoid before the first chords will be strummed!” says Lauri, Pointscenes Junior Luthier.

He continues “It’s a humbling journey changing from construction and software expertise to woodworking craftsmanship, and I’m excited to see the end result as I work towards perfecting my own guitar masterpiece!”

We will let you know when Lauri and Jeremia finishes their T- and LP-style guitars.