Elevate worksite productivity with Pointscene

Pointscene gives you full control of your worksite data. With better situational awareness youโ€™ll improve worksite productivity and avoid costly rework.

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400+ worksites made smarter

Safely store your data and integrate to your workflow

Upload and use your data quickly in your familiar software. Once data is in Pointscene, you can use the data in any CAD, BIM & GIS software. Pointscene follows open standards and can be integrated to most end solutions used in infrastructure construction and earthworks.

Integrate and store your data โ†’

Save time and money by reacting to changing circumstances

Collaborate with stakeholders while keeping the public updated. Pointscene gives you the necessary tools to prepare and quickly react to the unexpected situations before they cause major issues.

Measure your worksite โ†’

Bring all your worksite data in one place

Upload processed data from any source. Track your worksite with real-time visualisations derived from drone and laser scanner data, and make better choices that save you time and money.

Manage your data โ†’

Online solution designed to meet all stakeholdersโ€™ needs

Project Managers

Track, monitor and share your worksite

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BIM Coordinators

Connect your data with the tools of your worksite

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Pointscene developer API

Software Developers

Automate data management and integrate with existing workflows

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Accurate up-to-date data

โ€“ Point clouds and ortho maps

โ€“ Designs and drawings

โ€“ Volume calculations

โ€“ 360ยฐ and street view photos

Increased productivity

โ€“ Stockpile management

โ€“ Save trips to worksite

โ€“ Get better plans and designs

โ€“ Avoid mistakes and rework

Cloud storage

โ€“ Data safely stored in cloud

โ€“ Mobile and tablet friendly

โ€“ Keep stakeholders updated

Effortless communication

โ€“ Temporary traffic plans

โ€“ Grant access to stakeholders

โ€“ Share files and keep paper trail

Open Standard API

โ€“ Open standards and open file formats

โ€“ Fully integrable to many end solutions

โ€“ Connect to your existing workflow

Mobile friendly

โ€“ Keep your worksite at your fingertips

โ€“ Make notes and take images in the field

โ€“ Designed for both desktop and mobile use


See how our customers transformed their worksites with Pointscene

Weโ€™ve helped over 350 worksites become more efficient.

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At Raidejokeri we are more confident in our decisionmaking because of updated situational awareness, which results in significant time savings. We can now update our ortho compilation basemap 100x faster than before.โ€ โ€“ Tomi Mรคkelรค, Survey Manager
We definitely spent less time on field visits and also made more confident decisions daily. Each of us saved at least a few hours every week.โ€ โ€“ Olli Sihvola, Site Manager

Let your data work for you

Start utilizing your worksite data and make your worksite more efficient, saving you time and money.

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